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BOOK   The Practice of Wudang Tai Chi Chuan - Tai Chi Weapons Forms by Sifu Ian Cameron - includes photographic records of the Straight Sword, Sabre, and Spear Forms. Note - awaiting reprint and currently limited to Five Winds students only.
Cost £14 + £2 p+p
and Spearr Sabre,and Spear Fo
DVD  - new update April 2014   The Forms of Wudang Tai Chi Chuan by Sifu Ian Cameron - includes the hand form (round & square divided into 6 sections) and the weapons forms, with varied filming angles inlayed to the main screen. Extra clips include warm up & push hands exercises. 

Cost £30 + £2 p+p
BOOK     The Practice of Wudang Tai Chi Chuan by Sifu Ian Cameron -               includes a photographic record of the square form. Ideal for those learning the form.
Cost  £14 + £2 p+p

iPAD BOOK- Practiced  A collection of articles written by Ian Cameron, brought together by Malcolm Pollock to mark Sifu’s 40 years of practicing Tai Chi Chuan,  and reflecting insights, thoughts and training tips, with photographs and video. Free in  ipad books



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Five winds school cannot accept responsibility for any injuries incurred in following the instruction in these books or    

                          video, and recommend they are used in conjunction with instruction from a qualified teacher.

Cost £30 + £2 p+p