Five Winds Tai Chi Chuan (Glasgow)

Comprehensive Training in Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Classes in Glasgow

Quick introduction ……….

Originally established in Glasgow in 1984, classes have run continuously since then as part of the Five Winds School, introducing many students to the art in that time.

A comprehensive curriculum covering various aspects of Tai Chi Chuan is available through regular bi-weekly classes, focus classes and seminars, giving students flexible options, and teaching of high quality. Based in the Glasgow west & north areas, students attend from around Glasgow and beyond. Beginners and more experienced students are welcome to attend.

For those prepared to put in regular practice and dedicate the time & effort to learn and improve, then the benefits of Tai Chi Chuan can be very rewarding. If you think that's for you, then please have a look at our website, and get in touch

New class times Saturday & Tuesday
- find out more in News

Class holiday dates for June 24 now in News


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