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  • 10.7.23 CLASS CHANGES... dates and locations

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    Looking forward to a new class time starting in August. We first started classes in the Community Halls in the mid 90s if memory serves correctly, and I am sad to be leaving. It is time for change however, and Saturday morning classes will be new.

    The last class in the Central Halls will be Thursday 3rd August, and the first Saturday is 12th August, 10am.

    This means that from 3rd August onward, both Tuesday evening classes and Saturday morning classes will be in Shakespeare St, where we have been active since around 1984.

    Look forward to seeing class members, and hope if this new time suites you as a beginner, you will come along.
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  • 8.11.22 - Sunday workshop

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    After a gap of around 2 years following lockdown and a depletion of class members, we held our first all day seminar for a while on Sunday. In addition to doing hand and weapons forms, we concentrated on a couple of aspects which we don't often have time for in normal class, mainly an introduction to Chan Si (reeling silk), Cai Lang, Zhou Lu and Fu Yang (and seven stars for the newest members). We will develop these in class in coming weeks. We also had a light sparring session, a good reality check. So all in all a good day with some take aways for everyone I hope. Thanks to all who attended.
  • 10.1.22 - Classes starting back - update

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    Happy New year, and I hope you all had a happy festive.

    Just a note to say we will be starting back classes this week as planned, the first being Tuesday evening in Shakespeare St.

    Beginners please contact me if you are interested in attending.
  • 17.7.19 - Archive photo gallery link

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    I had almost forgotten about this gallery, set up probably 10 years ago or more on a google site, and linked to both Edinburgh and Glasgow.
    Link to Archive Gallery

    Content includes Ian cameron Meadowbank seminars, Cheng Tin hung in Edinburgh 1985 and others, Derek's photos from the Hong Kong Tai Chi academy, China trips, Tai Chi holiday in San Francisco, Application & Drills photos, Ronnie Tamburrini's hand created martial sculptures, and more if you dig about.

    Takes a bit of navigating, but have a look
  • 1.7.19 - Sunday Workshop

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    Thanks to everyone who made it along to the extended Sunday Workshop yesterday.
    Next seminar is provisionally booked for November 3rd.
    Rick took a few more pictures at the end of the class which I will; post up later in the week once received.
    A good day, and by way of reminder for those present, we covered
    Hand Forms
    Detail on the last section of square form
    Push hands (square, 4 corners, 7 stars, Cai Lang, Free pushing)
    Cheng's five step path
    Hand form application, slap the face with variation, single sweep the lotus, grasp the birds tail
    Weapons forms and application (open window look at moon, Pick a star on the left, Sweep a thousand soldiers)
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