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  • 7.6.21 - Class updates - Starting tomorrow as planned

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    Hi all,

    Just a note to say classes will start back as planned this Tuesday/Thursday, 7.30pm.
    Glasgow is now level 2 in Covid restrictions, which allows groups indoors distanced, and I hope around the end of June we will be free to do contact activities.
    The plan then is to start back and focus on forms in the first 2 or 3 weeks, and then hopefully build to normal classes.
    To allow a 'come back period' , beginners are asked not to attend until early July, but I will bring this forward if able, so keep an eye for news of dates over next couple of weeks.
    I'm looking forward to a return, and all going to plan (?), to having partner training soon, and hope you will all be able to make it along and support the club.
  • 4.5.21 - Classes reopening dates

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    Classes will be re-opening in June. Both Tuesday night at Shakespeare St and Thursday night at Maryhill Community central halls are scheduled at present. So the first class back is Tuesday June 8th, and Thursday June 10th. (Current Covid rules allow full contact classes by those dates).
    Just to allow existing student time to get settled back to class, beginners will be welcome from July. The first beginners classes then will be July, Tuesday 6th & Thursday 8th.
    I'm looking forward to seeing you all again, and keep an eye on the news page for any changes and updates.
  • 8.4.21 - Class Update - ref Start Date

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    Hi All,

    I hope you are all well, and hope you have managed to keep your practice going over the last 12 months.
    The most recent government advice points toward classes being able to fully open indoors in June, and hopefully that will be the case. I have provisionally indicated to the halls that we will be back then, and I will confirm dates nearer the time.
    Initially classes will be for existing students, with beginners planned from July onward.
    So here's hoping all comes good, and look forward to seeing you soon.
  • 12.1.21 General Update

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    A belated Happy New Year to everyone. May all your hopes for 2021 prove fruitful !

    I have had some server problem which I chose to ignore over Christmas until today, but I'm now able to post news as normal, and thought a general update may be useful.

    Thank you to those who sent festive greetings, and thanks to all those who have asked about classes.

    Unfortunately, as I'm sure you are all aware, classes are not allowed due to covid, but I will raise a news update whenever there is change. Hopefully you have managed to keep your practice going, and I look forward to some pushing hands at some time !

    To class members, please contact me if you want to go over anything. I can perhaps do an online session.

    I've been asked about outdoor classes, but I'm not really a fan. Not keen on an audience, but particularly not keen on relying on Scottish weather. Let's see what the summer brings.

    I hope you are all well, and (being the eternal optimist) look forward to a bright 21.

  • 21.8.20 - Class update -Coronovirus

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    Thanks to all who have been in contact over the lockdown months, and I trust everyone is well. I've had a number of recent enquiries about when the class might be starting back. Unfortunately at the moment I can't answer that. I am bound by the Scottish Government guidelines, and at present the only advice given to 'gyms' is no indoor classes are allowed, only outdoor. There is no indication of when that might change.
    I'll keep you informed of any change. In the meantime, keep practicing.
  • 16.3.20 - Corovirus update - classes suspended

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    Unfortunately the guidelines have escalated since yesterday regarding the Corovirus, and advice to avoid 'clubs and unnecessary contact' has been given by government.

    Glasgow Tai Chi Classes are therefore suspended until further notice.

    I'm sorry to do this, but think it is for the best for now. I'll keep you informed of any change.

    In the meantime, keep up your practice !
  • 15.3.20 - Corovirus

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    HI All,

    I'm sorry to add to your day by mentioning the dreaded virus, but obviously it may affect the class, so here’s my thoughts at present.

    My intention is to hold the Tuesday and Thursday classes as normal. As I said last Thursday, I would ask that members act in accordance with current guidelines, and with respect for other class members…

    1. Don't come if you have had symptoms or are in contact with someone with the virus
    2. Please wash your hands immediately before class and after. Bring along a sanitizer if you wish.
    3. Use hankies once and dispose of them after use.
    4. Please leave a week or more gap before attending class if you have been abroad

    Beyond that, assuming the halls remain available, the classes will proceed. I understand if you feel you do not want to come, and thats your decision obviously.

    I am happy to discuss postponing the Sunday 22nd class if folks want to do that, although equally happy to proceed. You can let me know at class.

    If the situation changes, i will let you know

  • 17.7.19 - Next Workshop date

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    The next Workshop/seminar will be on Sunday 3rd November. Open to all class members - please stick in your diary now !

    It is possible Ian Cameron will hold a seminar before the end of the year. If there is a clash then the above will most likely be postponed to allow attendance at Ian's, as these events are rare these days.
  • 17.7.19 - Archive photo gallery link

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    I had almost forgotten about this gallery, set up probably 10 years ago or more on a google site, and linked to both Edinburgh and Glasgow.
    Link to Archive Gallery

    Content includes Ian cameron Meadowbank seminars, Cheng Tin hung in Edinburgh 1985 and others, Derek's photos from the Hong Kong Tai Chi academy, China trips, Tai Chi holiday in San Francisco, Application & Drills photos, Ronnie Tamburrini's hand created martial sculptures, and more if you dig about.

    Takes a bit of navigating, but have a look
  • 1.7.19 - Sunday Workshop

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    Thanks to everyone who made it along to the extended Sunday Workshop yesterday.
    Next seminar is provisionally booked for November 3rd.
    Rick took a few more pictures at the end of the class which I will; post up later in the week once received.
    A good day, and by way of reminder for those present, we covered
    Hand Forms
    Detail on the last section of square form
    Push hands (square, 4 corners, 7 stars, Cai Lang, Free pushing)
    Cheng's five step path
    Hand form application, slap the face with variation, single sweep the lotus, grasp the birds tail
    Weapons forms and application (open window look at moon, Pick a star on the left, Sweep a thousand soldiers)
  • 18.2.19 - Seminar update

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    Thanks to everyone who attended the seminar yesterday. I hope to get some more photos soon, and will probably put them up on facebook later this week. Sorry if you are not in this picture, it was taken late in the day….
    I will find a date for another seminar soon, and let everyone know.
  • 15th Feb 2019 - web site launch & what to expect

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    Launched the new website today, and I hope you will go and have a look and give me some feedback.
    It is intended to provide the information necessary to inform about what we do, and how to find us. There is more to do, but I wanted to get it started. I will be renewing the blog page in the coming weeks with a load of stuff I will eventually get to, and introducing a new gallery, so keep an eye out. Significant changes will be posted on Facebook, so sign up if you have not already

    I would really appreciate feedback on anything that you think could be improved. Send me a message on the
    contact form (and I'll find out if it works!).

    Thanks Stephen
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