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Straight Sword - posture names & sequence

1.Ready Style
2.Tai Chi beginning style
3.Grasping bird's tail
4.Golden needle pointing north
5.Passing the sword style
6.Spreading the sword style
7.Hanging the sword style
8.Intercepting the sword style
9.Rhinoceros watching the moon
10.Step up to protect the knee
11.Swivel an dot
12.Turn back and stab
13.Hanging the golden bell upside down
14.Point to the trousers with the sword
15.Male and female phoenix spreading wings
16.Shooting star chasing the moon
17.Li Gwong shooting an arrow at a tiger
18.The wheel on the left and the right
19.Fisherman casting his net
20.Spin and rein in the horse
21.Step up and move towards the door
22.Step back coiled dragon
23.Face to face sword
24.Yellow dragon turning right
25.Pui Kung cleaving a snake
26.Shooting star chasing the moon
27.Li Gwong shooting an arrow at a tiger
28.Embrace the moon
29.Pierce the heart
30.Step back and tease the genitals
31.Tiger lying in front of the door
32.Steersman rowing the boat
33.Rowing the boat with the current
34.An immortal pointing the way
35.Dot red between the eyebrows
36.Cross the knees and chop
37.Step up to tease the genitals
38.Embracing the moon
39.Pierce the heart
40.Hang the bamboo basket on the left & right
41.Fairy damsel throwing a needle
42.Turn back and raise the writing brush
43.Face the door sword
44.Tiger lying in front of the door
45.Catching a giant tortoise from the bottom of the sea
46.God of literature raising the wine vessel
47.Swing the arm back with the sword
48.Turn the body and plant the sword
49.Flick the whip on the left & right
50.White gibbon offering fruit
51.Tiger lying in front of the door
52.Fallen petals waiting for the broom
53.Tiger lying in front of the door
54.Turn back to put on armour
55.Swivel with the sword
56.Encircling the moon style
57.Single whip style
58.Hanging the golden bell upside down
59.Sweep a thousand soldiers on the left & right
60.Advance and point to the trousers
61.Scaly dragon hiding and about to fly
62.Green dragonfly touching water
63.Swivel and tease the genitals
64.Cloud signal flag three times
65.Advance with reverse cut
66.Dispel the clouds to see the sun
67.Magic hand picking a star
68.Left & right the horsetail broom is blown by the wind
69.Fierce tiger jumping over the stream
70.Remove the leg and intercept
71.Fish lying down on the left & right
72.Spin and sweep across
73.Yellow dragon turning left
74.Spread aside the grass looking for a snake
75.The wheel on the left & right
76.White snake putting out its tongue
77.Roc spreading is wings
78.Rein in the horse to watch the tide
79.Encircling the moon style
80.Single whip style
81.Sparrow hawk piercing the forest
82.Roc spreading its wings
83.Peasant digging with a hoe
84.Face the door sword
85.Spin and sweep across
86.Shooting star chasing the moon
87.Spin and sweep across
88.Great grandfather fishing
89.Support the beam & replace the column
90.Golden needle pointing south
91.Tai Chi in unity
92.Sword completion style

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