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Spear Form postures & sequence

The Spear Form - posture names & sequence

  1. The Ready Stance
  2. The Wind Blowing in the Willows
  3. The Waves Going Up and Down
  4. Checking on the river
  5. A Yellow Dragon Stretching it’s Paw
  6. A Boa Constrictor Turning it’s Neck
  7. A Golden Dragon Swinging it’s Tail
  8. Riding the Horse Chasing Enemies
  9. The Bird Flying Up & the Fish Jumping Out from the River
  10. The Cockerel Nodding
  11. The White Rainbow Passing Over the Sun
  12. A Tiger & a Dragon Lying Down
  13. A Flower Blooming in the Shape of Quincunx
  14. A Running Horse Jumping Up
  15. The Completion Style

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